Who We Are

Entheon Biomedical is a psychedelic research and drug development company focused on treating substance abuse disorders. We are addressing the lack of treatment options available to those suffering from addiction. Psychedelics have a long history in the treatment of addictive disorders[2], and we are working alongside a growing community of scientists and medical professionals to dispel and overcome the many misconceptions with respect to the clinical use of psychedelic medicines.

Entheon Biomedical is investing in research with the aim to legally develop and commercialize a portfolio of psychedelic therapeutic products for the treatment of addictive disorders.

Why We Exist

As evidenced by increasing rates of overdose deaths, societies the world over have found themselves ill-equipped and overburdened in managing and mitigating the growing addiction crisis. More solutions are required to support and improve existing recovery methods, in order to develop a treatment model rooted in innovation and contemporary scientific findings.

Merging the historically validated healing capacity of plant compounds with cutting edge biopharmaceutical research is now at the forefront of the challenge to address society’s most urgent challenge to create a healthy and stable society. Our research seeks to provide a new model of healing and treatment to those in need.

Several of Entheon Biomedical’s founders have endured personal experiences with loss of loved ones due to the absence of suitable treatment options for issues ranging from opiate addiction to treatment resistant depression. From this perspective, our core mission is to investigate, manufacture, and commercialize scientifically valid treatment options to address, ameliorate and treat the addiction crisis that is plaguing many of our very own families and the modern world at large.

"Entheon Biomedical believes that people suffering from life-inhibiting addiction disorders, should have access to all scientifically-validated treatment protocols, and is committed to the development and commercializing entheogenic, FDA, EMA and Health Canada approved medicines that address the mounting public crisis of addiction and substance-related disorders."
Timothy Ko, CEO

Why Psychedelics?

When ingested psychedelics produce a non-ordinary state of consciousness and have historically been used for religious and spiritual purposes, as well as for personal development or to facilitate the healing of a particular malady or disturbance. Regulated, clinically administered psychedelic drugs show promise in assisting in the healing of the underlying psychological, and emotional distress that is associated with substance use disorder.

What We Do

Adequately addressing the issues of compliance, standardization, and oversight is crucial to the successful entry of entheogens into the modern medical discussion. Entheon Biomedical does not support or promote the ilegal or unsafe use of psychedelic medicine. The use of such medicinal remedies may come with a number of medical risks which Entheon has not set out on this website.

Get to know our Team

Entheon Biomedical plans to enter proprietary combinations of DMT and other molecules into medically and scientifically rigorous FDA, EMA, and Health Canada approval model, with the goal of developing a portfolio patented FDA, EMA, and Health Canada approved psychedelic therapeutic products. We are committed to connecting the insights of previous research, the wisdom of indigenous cultures, and scientifically irrefutable data, to develop the evidence-based treatment processes the world needs

Entheon Biomedical’s aims to formulate proprietary combinations of DMT and other molecules that are intended to have specific therapeutic applications which target addiction and substance-related disorders. By developing a multitude of dosing strategies, it expects to undertake research for the creation of a variety of treatment protocols that can be deployed to assist in a variety of treatment scenarios.

Our science board is comprised of experts in the field of neuropharmacology, genetics, psychiatry and substance use disorder.

Social Responsibility

Entheon Biomedical seeks to put aside a portion of funds it raises, and profits from its future operations, toward the preservation of the Amazon and the wisdom keepers of the region, so that they may continue their important traditions of medicine and healing.

Entheon Biomedical also acknowledges that medicine should be accessible not only to those with the financial means; and that all too often those with great need are excluded from novel solutions due to cost. With this reality in mind, we are actively seeking partners to help facilitate the accessibility of Entheon Biomedical’s future delivery of our mental health products to marginalized groups to ensure the benefits of psychedelic innovations are not the exclusive domain of the privileged.