Our Approach

We believe a comprehensive, data and technology driven approach to care will significantly increase the odds of permanent addiction recovery.


Together with esteemed partners, and through rigorous clinical study, we are developing a unique treatment system and highly specialized tools to personalize care, from assessment to treatment and beyond.

35 Million People
166,000 Deaths
16 Trillion USD

Addiction is an unforgiving disorder that destroys countless lives and tears apart families in nearly every corner of the globe.Due to self-isolation, economic challenges and life uncertainties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many drug users were unable to access treatment or other avenues for support. This stresses the urgent need for an alternative, effective approach to addiction recovery that stands on scientific rigor and clinical efficacy, addressing the underlying neurological and emotional causes of the addiction.

There is a massive, urgent need for innovation in the way substance use disorder is treated.
Creating improved, personal recovery journeys and outcomes – and giving those living with addiction a greater probability of reclaiming their lives and potential – is both a human and economic imperative.

Treating Addiction-disorders with DMT

Utilizing the powerful DMT molecule, Entheon is advancing research to better characterize and understand its therapeutic potential.

DMT has been extensively studied and is thought to be well-tolerated with few adverse effects, and is the ideal molecule for advancing and sustaining new models of psychedelic-assisted therapy. DMT has a robust and well demonstrated capacity to affect neuronal activity and promote brain plasticity when administered in the optimum set and setting, providing valuable insights, a healthier reorientation to the past, and the ability to remedy the underlying neurological and emotional mechanisms of addiction.


Used therapeutically for hundreds of years in the form of ayahuasca.

Scientifically studied from at least the 1950s onward.

Present throughout the plant kingdom.

Safe in humans & endogenous to our species.

It is a short acting drug, not lasting more than a few minutes.

Benefits over other drugs

Shorter session length (30-60mins)

Higher patient throughput for therapists

Ability to end a session quickly if clinically necessary

Ability to titrate/modify the dose if required

Therapeutic flexibility

Potentially less time needed in psychedelic state

The Entheon Personalized Medicine Platform

A patient-centric system of psychedelic leveraging genetics and EEG data.

With a core focus on advancing DMT’s therapeutic potential, Entheon is developing a combination of genetic and predictive data analysis to ensure the safest psychedelic treatment possible.

Entheon’s genetic testing subsidiary, HaluGen Life Sciences, conducts diligent genetic testing to determine the risk probability of different psychedelic molecules for a given patient before the treatment takes place.

Using patient and clinical trial data, Entheon is developing a predictive biomarker response platform in partnership with Divergence Neuro Tech. Using Divergence’s proprietary neuro platform in tandem with electroencephalographic monitoring (EEG).

Entheon’s biomarker platform, powered by AI and machine learning, will better prescribe suitable psychedelic treatments, provide real-time feedback during a psychedelic event, and inform the development of a post-therapy system of patient-specific support.

Research Programs

EBRX-101 Phase 1 Clinical Trial

Phase 1/2a study of DMT, administered intravenously tohealthy nicotine-addicted volunteers


To assess the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and safetyof DMT, while obtaining EEG and genetic data.


CHDR, Leiden, Netherlands

Estimated study completion

Second-half of 2022

EBIQ-101 Observational Study

“Effect of Ketamine on Neurological Activity as Measured byElectroencephalogram (EEG)”


To assessbrain activity in patients prior to, during and after Ketamine treatment and toassess genetic markers prior to Ketamine treatment.


Heading Health, Austin, Texas

Estimated study completion

Second-half of 2022

Completed Nonclinical DMT Research

In vivo intravenous toxicity assay

In vitro toxicity and cardiac safety studies