Special Advisor of Data Science and Regulatory Affairs

Nancy Maher

Ms. Maher has served as an executive and consultant for major pharmaceutical and information technology companies, including IBM, Gilead, Schering-Plough, Merck, Allergan, and Teva Pharmaceuticals. Ms. Maher is currently SVP, Chief Information Officer, North America of Kyowa Kirin International plc., and joins Entheon as its Special Advisor of Data Science and Regulatory Affairs.

Ms. Maher will be consulting on the development and implementation of Entheon’s data management systems for the collection, organization and analysis of data from upcoming pre-clinical and clinical trials, partnership initiatives, private clinic partnerships, and various technological initiatives. In addition, Ms. Maher will inform the Company of best practices for the design and implementation of security measures as they relate to the Company’s data program, while also informing regulatory strategy and relationship as it relates to advancing conversations and applications with Health Canada, the FDA and EMA regulatory authorities.